Thanksgiving is quietly and quickly approaching and once again it is a time for us to offer thanks, a time of family gatherings, and a time for our special and wonderful holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, pumpkin pie, a time of Indian corn, holiday parades, giant balloons and of course, let’s not forget football.

Throughout history, we have celebrated the beautiful harvest with thanksgiving ceremonies. Before formal religions, many farmers believed that their crops contained spirits which could cause the crops to thrive or wither away. Along with that belief, it was also believed that during harvest these spirits would be released and they had to be destroyed or they would take revenge on the farmers who harvested them. Some of the harvest festivals celebrated the defeat of these spirits. These harvest festivals or thanksgiving celebrations were held by the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Hebrews, the Chinese, and the Egyptians. If you research this topic, you can learn so much more about Thanksgiving’s earliest origins.

Did you know that it was during the American Revolution (late 1770’s) that a national thanksgiving was suggested by our Continental Congress and in 1817 New York State adopted Thanksgiving Day as an annual custom. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln appointed a national day of thanksgiving.

This is just a brief insight of what Thanksgiving is all about and how it all began. Seldom in today’s society do we take the time to stop and give thanks other than on this holiday, we should be giving thanks throughout the year.



The following Anagram was submitted by Margaret Tygrest and mirrors the true meaning of

Thanksgiving: All In A Word by Aileen Fisher

T – For time to be together, turkey, talk and tangy weather

H – For harvest stored away, home and hearth and holiday

A  – For Autumn’s frosty art, and abundance in the heart

N – For neighbors and November, nice things, new things to remember

K – For kitchen, kettle’s croon, kith and kin expected soon

S – For sizzles, sights and sounds, something special that abounds





For flowers that bloom about our feet;
For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;
For song of bird, and hum of bee;
For all things fair we hear or see,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee.

For blue of stream and blue of sky;
For pleasant shade of branches high;
For fragrant air and cooling breeze;
For beauty of the blooming trees,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee.