Pool Rules

COVID-19 Impact on Cottages at Winding Creek

Our Board of Directors have had several discussions with property management regarding COVID-19 and its impact on our community. The health and safety of our residents is of utmost importance. The pool is open for limited use. For more information please click HERE to see the Constant Contact bulletin. All residents are asked to follow social distancing measures


Pool Capacity is limited to 30


Particularly of importance pertains to the use of glass bottles in and around the pool area. Anyone found to be in possession of a glass bottle/container will be asked to either remove the item or to leave to the pool area.


    1. Swim at your own risk
    2. Shower before entering the pool.
    3. No food or glass, or glass bottled drinks on the pool deck.
    4. No alcoholic beverages around pool deck.
    5. No pets allowed in the pool or on the pool deck.
    6. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
    7. Absolutely no diving or horseplay in the pool or around the pool deck.
    8. Parents are asked to prohibit running in the pool deck area.
    9. No smoking in or around the pool.
    10. Be respectful when using the pool area and remove any trash, clothing articles or pool articles when leaving.



Post the date of your party or get together on the bulletin board so that all using the pool area are aware.



The Association has provided a propane grill for it’s residents use. We ask that residents using the pavilion for family get together to adhere to these simple rules when using the pavilion and grill.

    1. Resident must provide their own propane and remove it when finished.
    2. Use the grill at your own risk and use caution by ensuring that the gas is completely off when finished.
    3. Please clean the grill when finished. (Letting residue burn off a few minutes then using a wire brush to scour after wards usually is sufficient.
    4. Pick up all trash and clean thoroughly for the next residents enjoyment.



Pool House