News from the Board of Directors


To all owners and residents of the Cottages of Winding Creek. When I drove through the gates the other night on my way home from a long day at work, I turned right at the stop sign instead of going left which takes me all around the perimeter of our complex ultimately leading me to my driveway; my garage door is open, I go inside make a drink and relax from a busy, busy day.


Driving around the neighborhood allowed me to reflect on how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful, pleasant community which I am proud to call home. That little detour allowed me time to view the true beauty and serenity that is Winding Creek, from the landscaping, to the well kept pool area and the tasteful plants planted in front of all of our units – some showing off their own individual tastes and talents.


On my drive, several neighbors were out walking their dogs or just casually strolling our peaceful streets – this really gave me a feeling of pride in what your Board has strived to accomplish this year. Although all 184 owners will never agree with the Board’s decisions, I hope that all owners keep in mind that we all have what we believe to be everyone’s best interests at heart and we strive to perform our duties to the best we see fit for the betterment of all.


This past year the Board aggressively pursued and succeeded in collecting several large past due accounts which were deposited into our operating accounts. 


The Board stated from the beginning that in order for us to be effective we needed input from the community.  Through your support we can better perform our duties and continue to enhance our community. Whoever is elected to the Board, we need you, the community in attendance at meetings for your input. We need to hear from you so that we can support your interests.


Thank you,
Rick Gibson



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