Household Tips


Plant Food

Schultz Plant Food  (available at Ace Hardware)




Equal parts vinegar and hot water. Wipe well and squeegee off – sparkling results.




Instead of expensive sanitizers – use ½ cup vinegar in toilet bowl let sit for 1 hour before scrubbing with toilet brush. Fresh and clean.



Remove the mold from stone by washing – use salt and water mixture – spray area and it will keep mold from reappearing.


Stove Top Cleaner

Right after cooking, turn off burner – while still hot wipe with moist sponge and detergent, squeeze detergent and a water onto burner – it will bubble up; as it cools, swish with sponge to loosen burned bits.  Let burner cool. With rinsed sponge, use baking soda sprinkled onto burner,                                                             use light scrubbing motion to clean burned on debris. Rinse thoroughly to remove baking soda.  Leaves stove beautifully clean and polished. This can be used in the oven as well for stubborn spots.


Front Door Cleaning

Easy way to clean your front door. Spray with Clorox cleaner, let stand in sunlight, rinse with the hose.  No rubbing or scrubbing. 


Cleaner for drains and garbage disposal

2  tbsp Baking Soda
½  c.    Vinegar
Put baking soda in drain, pour in vinegar – let sit for a few minutes and  run water through.
For dishwasher, put ½ C. vinegar into dishwasher tub, run through regular cycle with dishwasher detergent – leaves tub clean smelling, glasses with water spots sparkling and dinnerware spotless.


Forget -Me-Nots

    1. Check air conditioning filters every 4-6 months to keep AC and Heat running efficiently.
    2. To keep AC/Heat pipes from getting buildup pour 1 cup of vinegar or bleach through pipes every 6 mos.
    3. Use ½ cup of oil down garbage disposal to keep it lubricated.  Use hottest water to clean out thoroughly.
    4. To give your the crispest, clearest screens, spray with mixture of vinegar and water (½ and ½). Gently wipe off with paper towel or cloth – may be necessary to repeat to remove all black dirt.

 If you have any handy-dandy tips for your neighbors, please pass them along!  With the cost of cleaners today, these tips are wonderful and only cost pennies by comparison. 


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