Holiday Tips

Twelve Tips to a Safe and Healthy Holiday

1)  Prepare early, avoid the Christmas rush to prevent stress.

2) Make sure to give children toys which are safe and appropriate to their age.

3) Buy only legitimate and registered products to ensure safety.

4) Prepare healthy food, including vegetables and fruits.

5) Make sure that foods to be served are unspoiled and fresh to avoid food poisoning.

6) Attend every festivity but make sure to eat moderately.

7) Avoid fatty and salty foods for a healthy heart.

8) Have fun and enjoy the holidays but stay sober and drink moderately. Do not drink and drive.

9) Engage in regular exercise like walking, jogging and dancing.

10)Have enough rest and sleep.

11)Avoid accidents due to firecrackers/fireworks.

12)Have a safe Christmas and New Year celebration.