Board of Directors

Your board members are elected every year by the community.  Interested individuals submit their names for consideration and the community votes. The voting takes place in December each year and each new board is seated in January of the following year. Normally, the board meets once monthly unless decided by the board members based on need. Currently the board is meeting quarterly until the end of the year.

Meetings are posted at  both mail kiosks at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting date and will also be posted on the HOA Web site event calendar. Anyone wishing to address the board is asked to submit their question, problem, complaint, etc. at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Everyone is encouraged to attend these meetings so they all are involved in THEIR community and are apprised of all that is happening.


Board Member RoleName
PresidentRobert Orsino
Vice PresidentJohn Battistini
Secretary/TreasurerAlan Rakitin
DirectorCharles T., Jr. (Tom)Angle
DirectorPaul Dusek