The Cottages of Winding Creek subdivision broke ground, according to one of its first inhabitants in 2005. The resident described being the only owner at the back side of Bayberry Circle and reminisced about the deer running through the subdivision being confused and curious about what was happening to their habitat.

The community was in it’s beginnings, quiet and somewhat deserted. They eagerly watched the slow progression of what we see today. The pond was a mere vestige of what is is now, not much more than a big hole awaiting the rain floods to fill it. Today, we are blessed to be able to enjoy two beautiful fountains and many newly planted flowers and improvements beyond all expectations.

The Cottages of Winding Creek continues to grow today and is truly blessed to have within its gates a community dedicated to creating a cohesive, informed and friendly environment where residents can live in harmony.

We hope that all of our residents join together to help make this stay our reality.


Bridge over Intracoastal Waterway